Course Description:


Does This Sound Like You ? Have Got The Qualifications … Completed Hrs & Hrs Of Study … Attended Every Event … Set Your Goals For A Flourishing Career … Told Everyone Your A Hypnotist … But No Clients Begging To See You?


Introducing A Unique Training On Persuasion And Influence Using Hypnotic Principles For The Ultimate Sales Training. [ OVER 5 HRS ]


3 Elements Of Persuasive Success With This Program

  • We narrowed down 2 types of clients that will ultimately say either yes or no to your service, that you need to be on the hunt for. By noticing, if you have an emotionally attached or unattached customer, you can guarantee the likelihood of a sales conversion or a knockback. It is this important information that makes or breaks a sale every time, and is the reason why you are getting so many no’s to hypnosis.
  • Knowing that anyone you speak to has been pitched too, sold too and has either had a great or disastrous experience, means you need to do a lot more work that just re-pitch yourself. We had to reveal how to actually make a truce with your client’s previous experience and clear the slate to weave in your hypnotic influence without it being automatically rejected.
  • The most important aspect was how to train our students to avoid begging or being desperate for a sale. Even when times are tough and every sale is so important to you. This will be the killer of your career. Our job is to inform a client’s mind of our service and build such high expectation of satisfaction that our clients chase us instead, and that can only be achieved once we revealed the 5 key ingredients to ultimate persuasion



A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips:


Immediately, lets set the record straight about the overhyped myth that hypnosis can be used to hypnotize anyone to buy anything you have. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is impossible. And it is important to mention for this particular training, as you are being trained in ethical persuasion and professional influence as a Hypnotist. Think of this program as the next step in your career, to connect all the dots and fill the gaps to hypnotic persuasion. If you are like the majority of Hypnotists, who have attended every event, have everything you can find on the subject, spent hours practising and were promised a career of your dreams based on your new certification, only to find the subject of how to present your product, sell your business and use ethical persuasion ( just like every marketing company, big business and sales guru on this earth ) was never really covered as an implemented subject. Leaving you wanting, wishing and desperately trying to sell yourself only to come across needy, desperate and pushy. Well, those days are gone. We bring to you, hot off the shelf, a program that not only promises to have clients chasing you for their business, but a program that allows you to use these hypnotic methods with any conversation, in any meeting, any social gathering and with anyone who is listening, all without being sleazy, desperate, pushy, needy and rude. And the best bit, you don’t even have to be an expert on hypnosis, memorize language patterns or discover the buying strategy of everyone you speak too.


Why take this program:


Imagine This Scenario … You are at a social gathering with friends and strangers. Someone says they know you’re a hypnotist, and they want your help … What do you do next?

Do you give your price? Only for them to mention they can’t afford it ( we have all had this )
Do you act as though you are too busy to create scarcity of your service?
Do you offer a once in a lifetime special for them to book immediately?
Do you offer a buy 1 get 1 free to increase value hoping they will say yes?



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