Course Description:


Create A Triumphant Life Of Synchronicities, Windfalls, Opportunities, And Luck That Seem To Defy The Laws Of Logic As You Align Your Mind To Reshape The World For You.


It’s like having a professional hypnotherapist at your becoming call, who knows you inside and out


Explore Your Own Stuck Thinking, Negative Beliefs, And Excuses And Destroy Them With Laser-Like Accuracy

  • This simple saying was the saving grace for me when we were in the middle of designing a new program that was not a repeat all the majority of self-development training out there.
  • The visualization thing has been done over and over again, and while we at the Academy are big fans of the concept, we wanted to include the concepts that only a Hypnotherapist would understand, and make it tangible for the industry, and as if by coincident, while having writer’s block ( if you will ) over how this program could be developed, my father had mentioned this in passing, like he always did ( being his favorite saying ) and like a lightning bolt, it hit me .
  • Out with the old and in with the new, and the NEW Self-Hypnosis program was born.


A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips:


From the way you handle money to what you eat, to the people you choose as your friends and companions…There is a specific reason for every single thing you do in life .. Even the reasons why you have failed to change your life before. Now you can have it you way … Get what you really want … Think, feel and become the real you in only minutes a day. But you HAVE HEARD all of this before … So why has this program become a must have training?
We all have that friend who seems to get it all. They seem to live life in the moment, stroll through stressful situations will poise, motivate people around them with their casual outlook of life, and they seem to magnetize luck and reward to them.


Why take this program:


  1. The hypnotherapy equation for working with trauma, fears and everyday issues

    If for centuries Hypnotherapists of all creed, have followed the basics of hypnosis ( to work backward to move forward ) to some degree, why not do this for yourself and create an idea of becoming your own Hypnotherapist through means of self-hypnosis.

  2. Clearing the slate to start fresh

    The common equation is to stack grand and positive ideas on top of the old. And in most cases never address the luggage we carry with us. Instead, we are teaching you to cut the cord, and leave the luggage behind to create MORE room for the desired things in life.

  3. Forging A deep connection with the inner YOU

    Many of us understand the absolute power of the unconscious mind but how many of us haven’t really explored its inner mechanics, the natural ability to send you flying into the direction of greatness and create a relationship so strong all desires can be asked for.

  4. The lost key to flow

    When things seemed too easy, a sense of flow surrounded you and everything you needed was almost handed to you. This is the KEY in action. And there have been a lot of times when that key was lost among fear/worry, sorrow, anger, and disappointments.

  5. It’s how the mind processes information

    We have created something different that goes beyond the most versatile skill and highlight the exact ingredients needed for the mind to change, and continually morph and stretch that allows new thoughts and feelings to generate to magnetize possibilities

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