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From the comfort of your own home, gain access to over 30 hours of conversational hypnosis strategies, formal lessons and Scott Jansen award winning hypnosis formula that will take you from a beginner to an expert.


The 6 stage PHITTR formula has been the foundations for Scotts live ( sold out ) certifications and has been the cornerstone of his own success. Now you can get your hands on this very program. In addition maximize your success with 10 LIVE Skype sessions with real clients, real issues, and amazing outcomes.


You get lifetime access

to the online equivalent of your face to face training, including untaught content. Use this resource as your go-to guide to practice and master this sophisticated program. With access to LIVE interventions with Scott and real clients + an exam, you can add another internationally recognized certification to your wall.


Over 27 hours of content:

With over 27 hours of hypnosis content, you can relive the complete PHITTR formula, including 10 LIVE interventions to help you become the expert in conversational hypnosis and therapy.


50 question exam for certification:

Once you’ve listened to all the content, you can now take part in your exam, to train you in the finer details of this program, and on completion, and pass, you instantly become rewarded with a new internationally recognized certification, only available from this online training



In session 1 we formally introduce you to the course, and discuss tips, hints and learning strategies to get the full experience from this course. In addition, we reveal the building blocks of hypnosis and begin to educate you ton the roles of the conscious and unconscious mind and develop an understanding of classical hypnosis.

  • Introduction to the roles and functions fo the mind
  • Introduction to the ABSU formula for foundational experience
  • Therapy basics for the beginner
  • PHITTR formula for conversational hypnosis
  • Exercises included



Session 2 is about breaking down the PHITTR formula to individual skills to hone in on capacity of hypnosis while maintaining a direct path towards your first trance experience.

  • Using the Trance Bubble Method for easy navigation of hypnotic methods
  • Priming ( the how, what, why and when )
  • Creating the conversational hypnosis pretalk without any fuss
  • Introduction to hypnotic language sets to create conversational trances
  • Repetition and association principles included + exercises



Session 3 is the introduction to your Hypnotic Attitude via your hypnotic voice, mannerisms and how to begin acting like a professional Hypnotist. Including is the EVP rule for persuasion in hypnosis

  • Creating a hypnotic voice for unbreakable trances
  • Using the EVP rule to enhance any hypnotic interaction
  • How to get the most from your hypnotic principles in any context
  • Exercises included


Session 4 is all about natural vs created trances and your first glimpse at unconscious moments for Hypnotherapy. A crucial part of your development is based on spotting unconscious moments and the immediate exercises that follow.

  • Working with natural and created trances and what to look for
  • How to use the ABSU formula for any hypnotic interaction with prestige
  • The total guide to using unconscious moments and cues
  • Exercises included


Session 5 is your first live demonstration with a studying student to piece together your skills this far. here we draw a clear distinction between classic and conversational hypnosis while using priming, hypnotic language, EVP, repetition and unconscious moments as our vehicle for trance. Including indepth breakdown of demonstration to highlight pricples and methods utilized during this interaction.


Session 6 is the introduction and training in the Hypnotic Interview Method. With this Scott explores the important aspect of learning how to decipher between conscious and unconscious information to gain a true understanding of what is happening inside your client’s mind, in context to their problem

  • Conscious vs unconscious information
  • How to listen for unconscious moments inside conversation
  • How to distract the conscious mind for more unconscious expression
  • Therapy basics introduction for your first therapeutic natured conversation


Session 7 reveals your next demonstration including the Hypnotic Interview method, This demonstration is a run on from the previous demo, in that we are including little steps to increase our interaction and begin to shape a complete Hypnotherapy intervention. This demo includes a real life issue, indepth breakdown, feedback and Q&A portion to highlight the intricacies of this module.


Session 8 is revealing conversational hypnosis strategies, to turn any conversation into a hypnotic breakthrough. We formally reveal how to use and what to do when you spot unconscious moments that will increase the depth of trance and therapeutic solution for your clients and subjects.

  • How to use process instruction to enhance unconscious moments
  • Ericksonian tricks for pure unconscious integration
  • How to create irresistible instructions for your clients
  • Advanced structures for unconscious moments in Hypnotherapy


Session 9 introduces you to your second formal induction using memory as your basis for trance. We learn how to use previous experiences of hypnosis to redirect the mind back into the previous trance. This module includes demonstration, breakdown, and Q&A of technique

  • How to use previous experiences of trance to direct the mind
  • How to use unconscious moments to locate previous trance memory
  • How to induce therapy basics for a professional feel
  • How to master the EVP rule to enhance this induction


Session 10 turns our attention to testing for Hypnotherapy success with clients. By using these methods you have the advantage to stop relapse and prevent your client from falling back into phobias and bad habits. Included is a demonstration, breakdown, and Q&A

  • Strategic testing tools for remarkable results
  • When and how to test your clients at the right time
  • Revealed secret of advanced testing
  • Completion of PHITTR formula


Session 11 combines 2 separate inductions using unconscious moments and inductions using the Emotional Trance Method which will enable the practitioner to use any emotion as the doorway to trance while hiding the induction inside a conversation

  • Official unconscious moments induction
  • Official ETM induction for therapy
  • How to combine a seamless approach to conversational hypnosis
  • How to use testing strategically to draw out conscious conclusions.


Session 12 is the introduction to the 6 stage Adverse ReacSafetyftery Drill. We are now training you how to keep your integrity and increase the safety of using hypnosis with clients and what to do in case of immediate danger.

  • Official 6 stage safety drill
  • How to navigate your client out of trance correctly
  • How to repack the unconscious mind for safety
  • What to do in case of an emergency while using hypnosis in any context


Session 13 is creating hypnotic inductions using the Symbolic Learning Trance. Here you get the A-Z of an induction that includes vital therapeutic symbology to create a breathtaking experience and a lifetime of success for your clients. Demonstrations, breakdown, and Q&A included

  • How to set up the perfect unconscious environment for this induction
  • How to instruct your client to interact with their own unconscious mind
  • How to deepen the impact of hypnosis with simple instruction
  • How to direct your client’s mind for 100% therapeutic breakthroughs


Session 14 is about creating your own trances with self-hypnosis. This completes our hypnotic attitude and allows you to enhance your won life through therapeutic self-hypnosis. Included is 3 self hypnosis audios on how to use unconscious moments for deep trance for yourself.

  • How to develop your own trances
  • How using your own trances will turn you into the go to Hypnotist
  • 3 styles of self-hypnosis audios to practice your trances with
  • How to create your own self-hypnosis whenever you like and for any reason


Session 15 we introduce you to career basics as we discuss how to set up a functioning office with authority. If you are looking for a life long career as a Hypnotherapists these pointers will set you up perfectly for longevity.

  • How to set up your office correct
  • Client privacy and safety
  • How to deal with negative clients
  • Revealing 4 strategies to enhance your professionalism


Session 16 we discuss how to use eye contact for nonverbal trances. An important aspect of conversational hypnosis, is conversational norms, and how to use your own mannerisms to induce deep trance on the spot

  • Why eye contact is so important to hypnosis
  • How to deepen trance with non-verbal cues
  • How to increase unconscious moments with eye contact
  • How to create an unbreakable hypnotic instinct for unconscious moments


Formal wrap up of course before advanced hypnotic methods are introduced plus bonus trainings to enhance your skills set.


Bonus 1

Business basis for the correct business names to increase clients numbers, enhance your Google ranking and SEO for your website

Advanced Hypnotic Strategies 1

How to master Skype anywhere in the world to treat clients without seeing them face to face

Advanced Hypnotic Strategies 2

How to make anything you say Hypnotic in any conversation ( The perfect way to get clients )

Advanced Hypnotic Strategies 3

How to end a session with a bang to avoid relapse and put your client on the path to success

Advanced Hypnotic Strategies 4

The Advanced Emotional Trance Method introduction for enhanced mechanisms of the ETM

10 LIVE Conversational Hypnotherapy Interventions

Here you can access to 10 live demonstrations with real clients as Scott explore every issue and creates a therapeutic breakthrough using the very systems of this training course and includes advanced strategies previously untaught


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