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Make a full-time income in only a few hours a day with, a training program so diverse and robust in hypnotic goodness you will want to keep it to yourself. Learn a simple system for stop smoking sessions that will make you an expert Become the authority overnight with this diverse training.Never again use a script or pre-bought hypnotic story.


Fill up your diary as the stop smoking expert in your area:


  • Grow your income overnight
    Use societies idea, who think that hypnosis is the easiest way to give up smoking and prove them right with your expert approach to therapy.
  • Very easy to customize to your hypnosis style
    A training system designed to include your own hypnotic skill set and enhance them above and beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Unlimited techniques
    The very principles of this training allow the user to define every session to suit the needs of all clients no matter what their personality is.
  • Full of hypnotic goodness
    Not only will this grow your stop smoking authority but the lessons inside will advance all other contexts for a therapeutic intervention.
  • Designed for flexibility
    If you find scripts and store bought techniques just don’t cut it, this is the training for you to see how hypnosis can be used in the real world for real world needs.
  • No Boundaries
    Even if you are a beginner this program is designed with you in mind to suit the novice even to the advance.


” If you haven’t already marketed your business to work with stop smoking clients you are missing out on a goldmine of income, referrals, and authority while giving you the perfect breakthrough into the hypnosis industry ” Scott Jansen


How this program works for the beginner to the advanced!


A training dedicated to teaching thoroughly the breakdown of how to run and execute a professional and expert stop smoking session with a number of benefits. By revealing the top secrets to producing life-long results with even the most stubborn of people.


  1. It is easy to use
    We cut right to the chase with 6 unique lessons at hand, to master each step along the way and create the perfect training for those therapists ready to make a full-time income from home or office
  2. New technology
    This is a program is fluent skills, meaning that the steps provided have been carefully taught to show what it takes to become the stop smoking expert without all the fluff in between.
  3. Powered by experience
    After treating over 3500 stop smoking clients and becoming best known for this achievement, your trainer Scott Jansen puts you in the driver’s seat of absolute experience ( and its shows )
  4. Advanced basics made simple
    This is the A – Z guide to perfect influence, as you are guided step by step through each crucial point of a stop smoking session and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls in the industry


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