Become the Sherlock Holmes Of The 21st Century … As You Unlock Hidden Clues That The Unconscious Mind Is Hiding From Your Clients … That Is Preventing Life Long Change….This Hypnotic System Will Allow You To Strategically Investigate The Hidden Truths Hiden By The Unconscious Mind, And Redirect Thinking In An Instant Without Your Client Ever Knowing They Are Being Hypnotized



Will The Strategic Hypnotic Interview Be The Defining Moment In Your Hypnosis Career?


  • Spotting unconscious moments was the birthplace of this program. By combining spotting unconscious moments as a function, conversational postulates to bring to life the naturalness of conversational hypnosis and the distraction of the conscious mind to slowly quieten it down, without setting off the alarm bells of danger, meant we had to rethink unconscious moments and diversify them and almost HIDE our investigation and hunt for them.
  • Knowing that whenever we converse with people, friends, family and even our clients, communication is tainted with 2 minds talking at once. And we had to believe firmly that when using hypnosis the conscious mind WILL ALWAYS BE READY to come back to life and ruin all the good work we have done, recategorise the problem and interfere with unconscious change, we needed some sneaky tricks to absorb its attention and direct it elsewhere, over and over again, in a creative fashion.
  • Knowing what do when we have direct interaction with the unconscious and how to communicate back. This is the very real assumption that direct language has no use in the unconscious mind. Meaning we had to learn to speak the way the unconscious mind could understand us, as the therapist. We needed to speak its language and also speak its delivery of language. This is why, previously it has been almost impossible for the classical Hypnotist to influence the unconscious mind long enough to completely destroy phobias, addictions, and real world problems.


Content and Overview:


Why on earth would you want to learn how to break through conscious and unconscious logic, and finally piece together the integrase of a problem so proudly that your client’s reality will instantly shift to unheard of boundaries?
The question should be why are you not doing this already?

If you are finding that your intervention methods are going around in circles, problems are returning hours after your session and you never really get your client to a respectable depth of hypnosis for you to redirect their thinking, we have the solution.

With a mix of conscious conclusions, unconscious reasoning, assumptions, and emotions, no wonder our client’s problems seem so hard to penetrate and destroy.

The majority of Hypnotists are missing out on a crucial part of any hypnotic interaction and are falling for the lies of the conscious mind when asking a client this important question …

What is the problem?


Believe it or not, the response from this question will define the outcome of your session. Your ability to decipher between conscious information and unconscious reasoning will be the elevation to mastery level only a small percentage of Hypnotists will attain. And even then a percentage of these Hypnotists will fluke it, and the others will lose track of how they did it, and why their hypnosis sessions instantly turned into the stuff of miracles


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