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Now You Can Have The Perfect Solution To This … “Hypnosis isn’t real” … “I can’t be hypnotized” … “Hypnosis is fake” Generate extraordinary covert trances … That your clients will never see coming … Until its to late … And you have complete access to their mind.


Sick of people who doubt the very real existence of hypnosis and your ability to create deep trances?


  • Firstly let’s remember a natural function of the unconscious mind, which is to protect us at all cost, and avoid any danger or potential injury. And when the alarms bells ring, the unconscious mind will go into overdrive to protect itself. Thus an argumentative client is born. Maybe previously they had a painful trance experience, and possibly the last Hypnotist crossed the line with their therapeutic tool and created a circumstance in the mind that scared this client. If this was the case for you. Wouldn’t you argue everything your Hypnotist said, to avoid repeating the experience?
  • Secondly, there is a high probability that the myths and miseducation of hypnosis have cemented in the mind of your client, and they are scared of being made a fool of or speaking their deepest and darkest secrets or that you will take advantage of them in a vulnerable state. All very high possibilities for your client to avoid your hypnotic language and strategies. No information, facts or history of hypnosis will help solve this.
  • Lastly and most important is the unconscious resistance to not let go or change its mind on a problem or phobia. Remember the first fact that its goal is to keep us safe. So if the unconscious mind detects danger at the idea of letting go of a previously made unconscious pattern, alarm bells will ring. And this deep and hidden pattern will be lost in confusion, so your client may not even know why they get angry or scared of hypnosis. This is the unconscious mind in action.


A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips:


You would think with access to unlimited information on the internet, proven medical studies, numerous books on the subject and even the demonstrations on TV, that Hypnosis would be an accepted method in society.
But all too often, we hear people state that it’s all rubbish and it doesn’t exist. And when you talk intimately with these people, their views on the subject are drenched in arguments, disbelief and even hatred for what they refer to as hogwash. If you stay in the industry long enough, you may attract clients of a resistant nature. For, no matter what you do and say it’s as if they repeal hypnosis and nothing seems to stick.
And the fact is, that this phenomenon that is rampant in the industry, is the exact reason why images on cigarette packets are not enough to persuade men and women from smoking.
It is the same reason why images on the news about horrific car accidents, are not enough to stop people texting while driving, and why shows about overweight people, are not enough to stop the alarming and growing weight of society to grow larger and larger every year.


Why take this program:


  1. Lucid instruction on the utilization principle

    The most beneficial and overlook hypnotic principle in the industry. This program brings to life the strategy behind the genius of Dr. Milton Erickson, and his ability to use good and bad experiences, language and thought to create coma-like trances no matter how much his clients resisted him

  2. Application for any hypnosis style

    Best of all, this concept has the transitional power to be included in any routine. As resistance and arguments can rear its ugly head at any time during your intervention. We are preparing you for what’s to come.

  3. Using covert hypnosis to destroy arguments 

    If the classical compliance tests are not cutting it, these procedures will generate secret trances, that your clients will not see coming until they arise from a mind changing experience that they can not deny

  4. Formally or socially

    If you enjoy using hypnosis on the outside, and in a social setting, these lessons are designed to put the conversation back into hypnosis and teach you the fine art of hypnotic conversation that will hook the attention of even the most blocked mind

  5. The easiest way to get paying clients

    Consider a scenario where you disproved an unconscious hatred for hypnosis with a subject that was hell bent on proving you can not hypnotize them, to all of sudden them realizing the untainted power of the mind. Get your appointment diary ready after this program.



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